Does Obama Want To Kill Off Our Military?

Posted: September 4, 2013 in Military, Politics, The Fury-ous Files
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I didn’t want to address the Syria issue… There is so much ground that can be covered, so much to debate, so much history to rehash… It’s mind numbing at times. However a friend on twitter, @SouthernBoi1986, sent me a link one day and after reading it, my brain wouldn’t let the issue slip away for long.
Intelligence insider: Syria, World War III & the hidden objective
Whether you agree with the article above or not, one can’t deny how politics tends to dominate our lives. How about some logic and common sense for once? The liberals are foaming at the mouth to rub Bush’s war in our faces, however they are doing what they chastised us for. Typical “ok for me, not for thee” liberal behavior… Simply put: Hussein was downright evil. He made it no secret that he would use chemical weapons on America.  He certainly did on others! Bush gave him an ultimatum…and you know the rest.  WMDs were in Iraq, I have no doubt. Hussein had plenty of time to move them before we invaded. Evidence of WMD materials were found. Even the late Chris Kyle acknowledged its presence: 
“At another location, we found barrels of chemical material that was intended for use as biochemical weapons. Everyone talks about there being no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but they seem to be referring to completed nuclear bombs, not the many deadly chemical weapons or precursors that Saddam had stockpiled.”
The belief is that Hussein had enough time to move most of his stockpile, and do you know where they believed it was moved to? A place now known to probably have the biggest chemical weapon stockpile around…
That was in the past, so now let’s live in the present, and the present dictates a real problem with our current commander-in-chief.
Many articles, blogs, commentators, etc have listed many angles to why we shouldn’t go to war with Syria. I’ve included some additional links at the end if you’d like to read more, although the link I posted above was enough for me to get the gist.
All other reasons aside, I believe the logical issue as to why we should NOT go into war with Syria is:
Obama has castrated our military.
Congressional hawks tie Syria to military budget cuts
Rep. Buck McKeon said: 
“I have no concerns of their capability. They’re the strongest, best equipped, best trained military. What I’m looking at is what they’ve been hit with the last couple years.”
Our military is the greatest! I love our soldiers and veterans! The problem is that Obama has gone out of his way to weaken them. He has stripped them of their power. Please tell me how that benefits the USA… Please tell me how that makes the USA any safer… You can’t.  
The biggest force to weaken our military is budget cuts. 
“I have watched what’s happened in the last 4 1/2 years with the president downgrading our military and it’s to the point where we’re in a position right now where we don’t have the assets to get involved in another intervention” – Sen. James Inhofe
Our military has lost their benefits, pay, and assets. They train, work, and fight hard. But without proper funding, how can they be as efficient and effective as they need to be? 
My brother-in-law served two tours in Iraq. Even then, the equipment was shoddy.  He would tell us about the tanks he would have to constantly repair, and the guns misfiring. He took it all with a grain of salt, but I’m left thinking “you’re going to drive that POS into an area that’s under heavy fire, and defend yourselves with THOSE weapons? Really?” 
Speaking of shoddy equipment, lets not forget the Navy SEALs who were killed (murdered) in Extortion 17, flying in a helo that should’ve been retired in Vietnam! But that’s a story for another day…
Yes, many, MANY important issues surround this Syria dilemma, but the main issue is how the commander-in-chief is leading our military, and our country, into a slaughterhouse – it’s a slaughterhouse BECAUSE our military won’t be well equipped! Our president’s ROE’s (rules of engagement) are basically handcuffs and muzzles, and we have a powerful group of liberals who want to strip the military down to nothing in favor of more ineffective social programs.
My six year old made a comment this morning: maybe Obama wants our soldiers to die…
Things that make you go hmmm…
Soldier on!
Additional links about the Syria conflict:

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