If We Stay Together, We Survive

Posted: September 4, 2013 in Broken Fury
Originally posted on August 19, 2013
***I originally wrote this on December 25, 2012; with additions added throughout since then. This sat in my notes for eight months largely in part due to the personal nature of it, and a strong desire to use my experiences to grow and encourage others to as well. I hope it is read as such and not as an airing of grievances.***
imageOne of my favorite scenes in the movie Gladiator is when they’re sent out into the arena. Maximus advises his men “if we stay together, we survive.” The enemy begins to surround them from all sides and instead of scattering, they huddle together, back to back, weapons and shields out, forming a massive, mobile, fighting shield. Throughout the fight, Maximus yells “Come together!  Stay close! Stay as one!”
Although that is Hollywood, there is much to learn from this concept of staying together. When divided, it leaves people vulnerable to attack. When working together, each person is strengthened by the other.  It is a concept so important that even God advises it in His Word:
      “Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their efforts. For if either falls, his companion can lift him up; but pity the one who falls without another to lift him up. Also, if two lie down together, they can keep warm; but how can one person alone keep warm? And if someone overpowers one person, two can resist him. A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
Conservatives had it right when they started the tea party movement. They banded together for a common cause and they were a force to be reckoned with. However, conservatives have a tendency to scatter themselves… they start out strong, with great momentum, aiming for a goal… Then infighting begins… Unfortunately the group that has this “stick together ” thing down the best is the left. They rarely “break ranks” as my dad would say.
An example of the conservative infighting could be seen in the previous election. We all started with the common goal of finding a strong conservative to run and get Obama out of office. No sooner than we had the candidates did the infighting begin. As if the left attacking us wasn’t bad enough!
Herman who? Newt’s too rigid! Romney’s a Mormon! Perry is an idiot! Ron Paul, again? Santorum is weak! Bachmann is lame! Yes, I know there’s an element of competition here. Each candidate had pros and cons, and everyone had their favorites. It came to the point, though, that competition became infighting and conservatives turned on each other.
Newt supporters had their faith attacked for supporting an adulterer. Santorum supporters got attacked for supporting someone who would “never make it”. Romney supporters were attacked for their religion. I even had a friend suspended on twitter because Perry supporters hated opposition so much that they block partied him.
The twitter avi of Sean Hannity, at the time, that he had me make for him.

The twitter avi of Sean Hannity, at the time, that he had me make for him.

During this time, another example of “breaking ranks” happened within a movement that I was really excited about: Sean Hannity’s “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled” Army Brigade – a.k.a. #LNYHBT. I had viewed this group as one that would fight for the values of conservatism, not sitting by while evil flourished, extending the voice of Sean Hannity, and uniting for one common goal. Yeah we all were a little startruck in the beginning, promoting Sean when his show came on, calling in, tweeting his talking points… But we also had fight in us. We saw the liberal attacks and we fought back. We used facts, logic, and common sense.

As with most good things, they tend to come to an end. No, I’m not saying LNYHBT is at an end. I’m saying it no longer has the momentum that it once had.  Infighting began, the message became weaker, and tweets on conservative values were littered with attention grabbing tweets. After about five months, I saw so much infighting, backbiting, sluggish movement… Even liberals commented on how weak LNYHBT was becoming. We have all heard of the saying “if you’re being attacked, you must be doing something right”; but the attacks on us had begun to lessen. We were no longer seen as a force to be reckoned with. For me, the last blow came on July 2012 when a few people in the group, that I called friends, decided they didn’t like how I was behaving, falsely accused me (via a third party) of disrespecting Sean Hannity,  and they chose to block me. Not one, or two, but five main members, one going so far as to have their family members block me as well. Some of them blocked a friend of mine just for standing by me. Another friend of mine was questioned why (s)he would even want to associate with me.
Being part of that group from nearly the beginning, and caring so deeply for the goal I believed it had, not to mention the utmost respect I had for Sean Hannity, I can honestly say that the division hurt me more than I ever let on. Sean works in a world where everybody wants something from him.  The only thing I ever asked of Sean was to give me a project, something to work on to be effective in what LNYHBT was aiming to do. Sadly, many in the group cared more about being noticed. Getting something. Belonging. Being recognized. A few masked it really well, but in the end, they all just wanted something from him.
I do not tolerate gang mentality, mean girl syndrome, or bullies. Everyone is different and they’re going to have their own way of doing things. Not everyone is going to agree.  Sometimes we may need to disassociate with someone for reasons not pertaining to the goal of group. I’ve blocked a few conservatives myself. Each time was difficult because it was severing someone who is a part of the group to win back our country. I’m sure there are many stories to be told of infighting. Mine is rather miniscule in the grand scheme of things. However when something as big as our country is at stake, it is an incredible shame that grown adults would allow pettiness to disband a strong group of like-minded people.
I’m saddened that our country is enslaved to a man who hates her so much. I’m saddened that there wasn’t more unity within the group of people who love this country. I’m saddened that we didn’t fight more against all the injustice that occurred during the election. I’m saddened that potential groups unraveled due to mean girl syndrome. Most of all I’m saddened that we all couldn’t work as a team. Conservatives, libertarians, republicans… We have more sects than we do unison.
Could we have been more effective had we stuck together? I cant answer that; but I can say that the odds would have been more favorable. It would be wise to stand together, because we were divided & look where it got us.
A few acts of treason under this president include Fast and Furious, Extortion 17, Benghazi, and a full on attack to take away Americans’ second and fourth amendment rights and completely destroy our Constitution… this is in NO WAY upholding the solemn oath Barack Hussein Obama swore when he became president. Whether you believe America died on election night or not, these are things that should motivate and unify us because we share the same enemy – a traitor in the White House. And he is appointing MORE enemies of America to run her into the ground. We are burdened not only with unbelievable debt used as a weapon of mass destruction, but we continue to fund this enemy on his crusade to strip America of anything that resembles her. We need to find our voice, we need to leave the infighting at the door, for “if we stay together, we survive.”
Soldier on!
Post election, the  infighting continues. Issues like gun control, gay marriage, abortion, foreign affairs, etc are viewed differently and therefore cause division. It’s time we Americans see the crux of these issues and stop placing blame where it doesn’t belong.  I personally believe the blame goes to something that’s not so easily fixed. The blame goes to the morally bankrupt generations we continue to raise, and allow our government, day cares, and radical left-wing, America-hating teachers to raise. We’ve kicked God out of our homes, lives, country… We have sought self pleasure and what feels good instead of what is morally right.  It has bred many Eric Harris’, Dylan Klebold’s, and Adam Lanza’s… In viewing this big picture, maybe people will begin to see that petty infighting gets us nowhere, but unifying over a common goal, like our founding fathers did, just might bring our morally bankrupt America out of the red.
Before we raise our united voices, we need to be on our knees, united in prayer first and foremost; but that’s a blog for another day… 🙂

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