Time To Rush the Cockpit… Let’s Roll…

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Broken Fury, Military, Never Forget, Politics, The Fury-ous Files


Every year, around this time, the “truthers” come out of the woodwork. My first memorable experience with a truther was reading the timeline of Chris Daughty’s former drummer. I say “former” with pleasure I might add…

From him alone, I heard all about how the Bush administration orchestrated the terrorist attacks. How the collapse of the twin towers was an organized demolition. How all of this was pre-planned so that Bush could send boots on the ground in Iraq to “finish his daddy’s war”.

Not surprisingly, I ran into a truther the other day at the local coffee shop. He didn’t have anything to say that I haven’t already heard, except for one thing. He claims to have been traveling on a bus from Texas on the eve of 9/11. There were two fresh-out-of-bootcamp soldiers on the bus with him. When he asked where they were headed, they replied “to clean up the twin towers”. He asked them what happened and they said they didn’t know, just that they were being sent to clean up.

I didn’t get into it with this guy, as much as I wanted to. I just gave him a skeptical look and said “interesting…” How could I argue with someone who was stating what he claims to have witnessed? I could have called him a liar and hit him with a ton of questions running through my mind… But I simply asked him “what if Obama is doing the same thing with this Syria issue? Staging an attack in order to go to war for personal reasons?” He was shocked by the question, fumbled a bit for words, then replied “could be…” Yeah, they never think their side is capable of such behavior.

I’ll go ahead and get my digs in now: Bush showed more genuine concern over 9/11/01 than Obama showed for it, 9/11/12, AND Syria combined (even though Syria didnt involve any American casualties that we know of.)

Regardless of where you stand on the Bush administration, 9/11 happened. Muslims targeted the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and the White House. They hate us. Really hate us. They came on our soil and trained to carry out a plan to kill as many Americans as possible.image

Muslim terrorists boarded our airlines & hijacked the planes with intentions of flying them into our landmarks. They chose long distance flights knowing the planes would be full of fuel to cause the most damage. The first two planes hit the towers. The third nipped the Pentagon. The last plane missed its destination thanks to the brave passengers aboard it.

Our country has taken a lot of hits. Some were as devastating as the first two planes hitting the towers. Others were on a slightly smaller scale like the plane that hit the Pentagon. And then there’s that last plane…

The passengers of Flight 93 had seen the signs and heard the rumors. They knew they were going to die. Some probably chose to stay seated until death came. Others may have panicked at losing their lives and tried to grasp at any hope of saving it. Then there were those who chose to fight, opting not to be silent in the face of evil. Not because fighting would save their lives, but that it might save others outside of that airplane.

A small group organized, they gathered whatever weapons they could fashion, and they attacked the terrorists and rushed the cockpit. They hoped to land the plane, but their main goal was to stop the evil, whatever the cost.

As a Christian, I know that this world is not my home, and that it will be destroyed in the end. Haven’t we seen the signs and heard the rumors? Don’t we realize we are going to die?

Some Christians take the stance that we need not fight for what will inevitably be destroyed; like the passengers who may have stayed seated and waited for the end.

Others walk a fine line of giving up freedoms to save their own lives; like the passengers who may have grasped onto any hope that a negotiation with the terrorists would save them. (“sell your soul to the devil to gain the world” comes to mind).

After being on both sides, I’ve found myself drawn to be like the last group – those that fight. Yes, I know this world will end, as will my life. But if I can fight to save this country and the people in it, it’s worth doing. And I definitely refuse to be silent in the face of evil. This world isn’t worth me losing my soul.

Flight 93 never made it to its intended landmark. It crashed in a field after the small group of fighters rushed the cockpit and fought off the terrorists.

Wake up, Americans! Our country is hated and has been hijacked for no other purpose than to be destroyed. It’s time to shake off the apathy and complacency that holds us back; we need to stop putting our hope in another candidate to “save us”, and making compromises that ultimately weaken us; we just need to fight back. We may never know the lives we’ve spared by doing so.

We’ve seen the signs, we’ve heard the rumors… Its time to rush the cockpit. LET’S ROLL!

Soldier on!

“Courage and optimism led the passengers on Flight 93 to rush their murderers to save lives on the ground — led by a young man whose last known words were the Lord’s Prayer and, ‘Let’s roll.’… We will never forget all we have lost and all we are fighting for… My fellow Americans, let’s roll.” – President George W. Bush

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