Patriot Bikers Prove That We Will Not Be Silenced

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Military, Never Forget, Politics, The Fury-ous Files
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While talking to the local coffee shop owner one day, he mentioned how the media and society portray conservative views as loony, narrow, backwards, etc. He reminded me that even though our views are legit and make the most sense, we will find, more often than not, that the conservative view isn’t popular and is being silenced.

When I thought about it, I was discouraged. To think that there are more conservatives than liberals in my area, the liberal view is what is accepted because the conservative view has been demonized. Social engineering at its finest…

However, he also mentioned that when push comes to shove, when the conservatives do rise, as in a revolution, the liberals will be shocked at just how many “loony, narrow, and backward” conservatives come out of the woodwork. Heck, some of them actually scare me!

We haven’t truly revolted yet and the amount of silent conservatives is yet to be seen. I do believe a preview of this revolution was made evident yesterday, September 11, 2013 in DC. The 2 Million Bikers to DC Ride sent thousands of bikers to counter the Million Muslim March (renamed to the Million American March Against Fear )

The estimated number of bikers on the road to DC was around 800,00; a stark contrast to the pitiful turnout of a couple dozen Million Muslim March-ers. Even when faced with political barricades of a permit denial (of course the Muslims were approved for one…) the bikers found their way into DC legally without said permit. These patriot bikers prove that We the People will not be silenced!


Keep in mind that had the event been planned further in advance, were given permits, and all conservative bikers were able to make the rally, what do you think the numbers would have been?

I believe the small town, former mayor, now coffee shop owner may be correct… When conservatives decide to unite, rise, and revolt – watch out. As one biker said of the rally: “…this is the warning shot. There will not be another.”

Never forget…

Soldier on!

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