Fury-ous Fridays: Underwire Bras, Eel, and A F*ck You!

Posted: October 6, 2013 in Military, Never Forget, Politics, The Fury-ous Files
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Growing up in the military tends to either put the desire to travel in your blood, or the desire to become a homebody and set deep roots. No matter how much I wanted to have roots, I have traveling in my blood.

As I grow older, travel becomes more difficult. I can feel more empathy for my grandma when she had a stroke and could no longer drive. She was like a bird whose wings were broken. As we age, our body just doesn’t want to cooperate with our heart of a child.

As I sit on this third flight of the day, my tailbone that I chipped in grade school aches, my tennis-worn knees scream for some stretching room, and as one who does her best sleep in a moving vehicle, I can’t get comfortable enough to sleep within the confines of an airplane row. Not to mention the fear I have of my ears not popping on descent.

I don’t like rubbing elbows with big crowds. People get more rude with each generation. And the smells… I really don’t like smelling a multitude of other people’s odors unless its a nice cologne or perfume applied just right.

After 9/11, the measures we have to take in order to fly are ridiculous. Yes, I was all for the Patriot Act… This was before I got into politics. I was fueled by my anger of what was just done to us and the measures to protect us seemed worth it at the time. I’ve since changed my views drastically, but, I digress…

Even with the ridiculous measures in place at airports, the ones that stop me and have me frisked because I left my phone in my back pocket, or the two spots detected on my sides which I can only guess were my bra’s underwire, but will allow my pocket sized knife in my purse to go through… I still fly.

The odd thing is that I enjoy traveling so much that I put up with these stupid breeches of liberty. I wish I could change things, I wish I could have liberties back that we’ve lost, I wish the world wasn’t full of evil people… But it’s not going to stop me from traveling………yet.

During my travels, I usually get cable tv that I sometimes watch, or just leave on in the background. I caught a special while in my hotel room. It was about a guy who doesn’t want to work, and is completely content to live off of our tax dollars. The things he does, the food he eats, the lifestyle that he has is better than most hard working Americans. His “government cheese” was more like “government sushi with eel”, and his motivation to earn what he’s receiving was all but erased.

This is just ridiculous. I mean, shake-your-head-and-sigh ridiculous. With all the fraud, waste, and abuse in the welfare system, one would think your average taxpayer would speak up…

When I became a teenager, I started noticing the difference between name brand and AAFES brand (military’s generic brand). I wanted name brand shampoo and lotions and makeup… They smelled better, they worked better, they were just all around better. My dad, however, told me that he will provide the things I need at the best price – in other words: generic brands! If I wanted name brand, then I had to buy it myself. I thought he was being a bit unfair, but it made sense. And I did not dare question him. Fortunately I had a small job delivering the Stars and Stripes newspaper that paid me enough to buy a few name brand products and to eat a few meals out with my friends instead of eating at home.

I would have been well taken care of with just generic products. I didn’t need name brand. And because I wanted name brand, and my dad wasn’t going to provide it, I was motivated to work so that I could get the nicer things I wanted. Had my dad provided what I wanted, I would never have learned to appreciate many things because I would never have worked for them. The point I’m making is that perhaps the government, in providing for the general welfare of the people, should do so in as basic of a way as possible…

Speaking of government provisions…

Obamacare started this week. Ohhh excuse me, Kathy “I must correct Newt Gingrich cuz I’m so much smarter” Griffith, I mean the “affordable care act”… The monstrous bill, that no one read thoroughly yet was shoved down our throat, is being questioned by some politicians who still have their balls. Sadly, it’s getting colder outside, with government shutdown and all, and their balls show signs of shriveling up… Leaked emails show that our backstabbing speaker of the house Boehner wanted to make deals to exempt himself and others from Obamacare back in July. Niiice…

Yes, I want people to have access to health insurance, however I don’t believe We the People should be forced to pay for it. I heard recently about doctors who run an urgent care like clinic. People are charged monthly, around $250, and that covers all the medical costs they have for the month. They take the place of a family doctor, and can do all minor procedures. Even though our current health care is decent, based on what my family pays per month for insurance and co-pays, I’d be happy with this idea of a doctor monthly membership that gave us unlimited healthcare per month. I think it’s a great idea. Whether it is the right thing to do for our country, I don’t know that answer. However it makes more sense and is not a forced mandate on We the People as Obamacare is.

Since we want to delay Obamacare for another year, demanding a budget be made, and Obama doesn’t negotiate with republicans, the government has shut down. During this shutdown, Obama has done his damnedest to scare the American people, wreak havoc, and then place the blame on the opposition for a false crisis. Yes, there are many who may face a paycheck-less month. My dad will most likely be furloughed, so I get it, people. However, this is nothing compared to the millions of people who will have the food stripped from the mouths of their children in order to pay for others to have free health care. Ok, that’s dramatic, but hey, I just thought I’d talk in a language progressives would understand – theatrics and guilt.

We’ve been given a heavy dose of guilt since 2008, not to mention the sideshow of theatrics from this carnival of an administration. Currently, the carnies have blocked off national monuments, stopped funding to federal parks, and Michelle Obama is unable to tweet until the government shutdown is over. Oh the horrors…

What’s really sad about this political field of theatrics is the story of the WWII vets being denied a tour of the WWII monument. The area is guarded more so than our embassy was in Benghazi on 9/11 pt.2. All because the government is shutdown? Give me a break. These dying war heroes who sacrificed their freedom to salvage ours couldn’t even pay their respects and reflect on the loss they endured in WWII because Obama wanted to make this shutdown as painful as possible. Oh wait…that was sequestration. Eh, different ballgame, same tactics, right? Shame on you Obama. You wouldn’t be where you are if it weren’t for the freedoms given to you by the blood, sweat, and tears of our veterans!

And let’s not forget Harry Reid… The heartless republicans want to keep funding flowing for cancer research for a young child, even through the shutdown… A reporter wants to know why Reid wouldn’t agree to it, to do what he could, even if it was to save one child… And the heart of a grinch Reid pretty much says: “why would I?” And conservatives are the heartless ones…

One more thing: if you haven’t heard, the number for Obamacare is an eery reflection of what it will do to Americans: 1-800-F1U-CKYO…

Yeah, we get it, Obama… f**k you too!

Well folks, that’s my weekly rant. I feel better now 🙂 Feel free to add your rants, it’s good to get it out of the system! Enjoy your weekend and the freedoms we still have. Rest up and prepare for the fight ahead of us.

Soldier on!

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  2. @mrconservative (Darren) says:

    Very well said!!!

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