Fury-ous Fridays: Be the Salty, Delicious Condom…

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Military, Never Forget, Politics, The Fury-ous Files
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Be the Salty Delicious Condom…

I missed the opportunity to write up my rant last Friday, and I’m a day late this week… Oh the things that have happened over the past two weeks… Never a dull moment with this administration, huh?

Last weekend we saw Americans exercise our first amendment rights and peacefully rally around DC, removing the infamous “barrycades” around OUR memorials. There are many write-ups on this, but if you want, you can see mine, with pictures, here. Sadly, not too long after that rally, the supposedly shutdown government had workers replace the barricades. It’s as if we have brats leading our country instead of grown ups. Such pettiness…

Remember when Pelosi said we had to pass Obamacare in order to see what’s in it? Well, we saw its attempt at a start up…aaand it was an epic fail. Now, Pelosi says we must implement the bill before we can make corrective changes… Sorry Nancy but not only are opponents of the bill outraged, but so are some of the Obamacare supporters. Yeah, that happens when you’re taken for a fool and lied to. People are wondering why their premiums are increasing. Others are blindsided that they are the ones having to pay for this “affordable” care.

Seriously, where did you think the money was going to come from? From Obama’s “stash”? We tried to tell you, but apparently we are racist, poor-hating, elitists…or something stupid like that. The money used to build the faulty website alone would’ve helped Americans in need much better than Obamacare is proclaimed to do. Say, perhaps, the families of the soldiers killed in action? You know, the ones where the government refused to pay them benefits because of the “shutdown”? No, progressives, this wasn’t a republican thing; this was an “Obama can’t get his way so he’s going to be a tyrant and throw a tantrum until he gets his way, no matter who gets hurt!” kind of thing. Again, such pettiness…

Did you hear about the national parks promoting a video on Islam? First of all… Huh? What business is it of the parks to promote a video on a religion?! Secondly, and most importantly, why is the government silencing Christians, but promoting Muslims? Why do they even have their hand in any religion? Yes, we are a Christian nation, but we do have separation of church and state…to keep government OUT of the churches. Yet, here we have government promoting a victim mentality video of Muslims whining over being stereotyped and targeted since 9/11. I’m not too callous to say that they aren’t looked at differently, however, it’s completely justified based on what we have endured at the hands of Muslims and in the name of Islam.

Those were only extremists you say? Ok, I can see that. There are some “Christian” extremists as well like the Westboro radicals (although I will say boldly that they are not Christians). The difference is we Christians will state loud and clear that what they are doing is wrong. We will seek to make it right. We will go after them. We denounce what they do and state how that is not how Christianity is at all. Do you hear Muslims saying that of their extremists very often? Loudly? Clearly? Taking action against them? Yeah, not so much. Is it any wonder why we are leery of them assimilating in our country? A country in which their religion sees us as evil? We welcome diversity. What we don’t welcome are people who seek to change America into something it’s not, and people who want to see Americans die for believing in the one true God. (And NO…Allah is not God. It may translate as a god, but he is not God.) Its the small things like this video that seep into the cracks of our country that go unnoticed. We overlook it, remain complacent, until eventually it leads us to another 9/11.

And guess what? There are reports of internal memos that state we may be in for another attack. We already knew of sleeper cells throughout America. There have been several bombs found, some in airports/airlines. The thought is that terrorists are testing our system. Seeing what they can get away with. Searching our weaknesses. Yet our president is too busy making life cozy for them, while screwing us, and getting in a few rounds of golf, to actually do his job and rid the country of these terrorists. Then again, the biggest terrorist is him so………

I’m not sure what you all will think of this, but there are rumors going around about robotic soldiers. We all are thinking about Terminator aren’t we? I loved the second one, btw… Never did I suspect that an even remote possibility of the movie’s idea would ever come to this day and age. Of course I’d rather have a robot take an IED, bullet, etc, instead of one of our soldiers; but who’s to say the controller of the robot won’t turn that piece of machinery on We the People? It’s hard to force a human being to go against what he or she believes is right. It’s much easier to command a machine to do anything, right or wrong. In the second Terminator, the older Terminator was reprogrammed to protect the humans, the newer one was programmed to terminate them. In the end, once the new one was taken care of, the older Terminator allowed himself to be “killed” in order to save humans and keep them from reprogramming him to terminate others ever again. This is why I liked the second one. Morality was put on display. Robots don’t have morals, but the people who control them do, or do they? What are your thoughts on the possibility of robotic soldiers?

Barricading open memorials, implementing a flawed and doomed-to-fail healthcare law, promoting a religion that seeks to kill opponents, killer robots… Oh the anomaly that is the minds of progressives. We don’t understand their victim mentality and utter hypocrisy. Everything they say about conservatives is really a reflection of what they themselves are. They are never happy with America. Never proud. Never supportive. Never happy. All they want is change. I say it will be much easier for them to move than it is to change a whole nation and face resistance from its citizens. And resistance they should face!

Our conscious won’t allow us to spay and neuter these liberals, although I heard on the radio about a crazy scientific report on how too much bacon consumption in men can lead to infertility… Hmmm, perhaps we can feed male progressives a liberal amount of bacon! I’m joking…sort of. The point I’m making here is that conservatives need to be a barrier to this progressive mindset. We need to “barrycade” progressive policies. We need to guard our country from the progressive “change”. Oddly enough, the radio host unknowingly made a parallel to my point. He said that at this stage of his life, he didn’t really care about bacon causing infertility, because to him, that just makes bacon a “salty, delicious condom…”

Maybe you get what I’m saying (crass as it may be), maybe not. The point is that we need to keep the progressive ideology from breeding; and we need to stand up and guard our country from the progressive movement seeking to take over. We need to protect our country from birthing a radically changed America.

Soldier on!

(Apologies to the radio host and his show as I have no clue what it was I was listening to. If anyone heard it and knows who or what the show is, please let me know and I will give proper credit)


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