Removing the Barricades

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Military, Politics
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Over the weekend, Americans reveled in our 1st Amendment rights, secured by God and our military. Veterans, truckers, bikers, military families, and patriots ascended on DC to peacefully protest against our government’s petty actions, and to work together to remove the barricades placed around our memorials due to the shutdown.imageimage










Prior to this, there was an immigration rally, where illegal immigrants attended and were greeted by the wicked witch of the west herself, Nancy Pelosi. Yet our veterans and patriots, who are legal citizens, by the way, were greeted by riot-ready police and armored vehicles. Women were hit with a nightstick by police, and a group of veterans were arrested at a New York rally.


imageYou have to wonder WHY? Why are our veterans and their families targeted like this? I’ve heard more crime stories on illegal immigrants than on veterans. One can only conclude that this administration cares not for its veterans, and military, but only for themselves and their own interests.

I’m sure thousands of blogs are covering this story of the march, but there can never be too many. It should be covered on every news network, publication, and political talk show. This is America in motion. This is We the People exercising our rights. This is the act of revealing the utter hypocrisy in our current government. This is what needs to be done until we get our country back.


I so badly wanted to drive up to DC yesterday but there was no good way for me to do so. I spent the morning and early afternoon collecting pictures off the Twitter timeline. I retweeted as many tweets as I could. It’s not much…but I felt I was there in spirit.

Our veterans have fought for us, the least we can do is fight for them. You didn’t have to make it to DC, or one of the other smaller rallies across the country, to be supportive. This morning I bragged on all who participated in the march, trying to make sure people around me knew it happened, it was successful, & it was awesome! Spread the news. Talk about it throughout your day. Tell your kids. Show the pictures. Get the word out there. Shine a light on the truth. Thank a veteran, or active duty personnel. Thank a military spouse and/or their children.




As a military brat, I lived my life around fatigues and dress blues, greens and whites. I heard aircraft noise everyday. Seen the war drills. Learned the threat levels. Endured my dad’s TDY’s (temporary duty yonder – basically, out of town, state or country on military business). Flown in military cargo planes. I even had the chance to try my hand in a flight simulator! The military life is imbedded in me. I miss it… It’s so rare to see active military, or even veterans, now days, where I live. When I do see any, I almost cry, and restrain myself from hugging them. I was so moved just to see the pictures from yesterday…




I’ve collected those pictures off the twitter timeline, and posted them throughout this, but I’m not sure who gets credit for which picture. If you see one of your pictures and would like for me to credit you, I’m more than happy to. Just post a comment. I do know a handful of them are courtesy of @NurseLiberty and her husband @Steven41Steven. Thank you to everyone who went, participated, shook hands with our beloved veterans, and shared pictures publicly.


To all our veterans, active duty military, and the families of both, thank you! I will forever cherish you all!


Soldier on!

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