Posted: October 22, 2013 in Military, Politics
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Last week I read about how the ceremonies honoring the returning remains of our military KIA have been staged for several years. Maybe there’s some logic in this that I’m missing, but this just makes me sick. A friend on twitter showed me the video of his son’s ceremony. It was the first time I’ve seen one in its entirety. It gave me a new perspective of the fallen…the view from a grieving father’s eyes. I couldn’t help but think back on what I watched and wonder, “Was his son even in there? Where was his son? Why would they fake this?” This was happening under the Bush administration, and carried over to the current one. The fallen deserve more respect and honor than this…

Former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith recently talked about how he believes the current government is creating conditions in order to impose martial law. Whether you’re a conspiracy theorist or not, you’ve got to wonder what conditions have been created. All of our military receive a view of things that is different from the rest of us. I trust most of their opinion of such things above others. I truly hope Mr. Smith is wrong, but if he’s not, we all should be prepared.

Another story I wanted to share with you is about a young girl in the Air Force, fresh out of basic training. She’s the niece of the local coffee shop owner’s wife. She was going through a frustrating time with her job placement and was just all around depressed. On her way to breakfast she came across a homeless man. She bought him some breakfast and sat down with him. As they conversed, she explained her situation and why she was down.

He asked her, “You have a job, right?”

“Yes,” she answered.

“Is that your sweet ride over there?”


“Do you have family?”


“Then what’s the problem?”

Such simple questions and observations from a man living with a completely different view of things. It snapped the young girl out of her self pity, and left her asking him about his circumstances. To which he answered that he didn’t want to burden his family, that he is where God wants him, and he will see where He takes him. I’m not sure if this man was a veteran or not, but his simplistic view and solid faith was able to give this young girl serving our country a fresh perspective.

imageSince I’m discussing these different perspectives, try seeing through this one: I’m sure by now almost everyone has heard of Army Ranger Josh Hargis … A soldier who lost both of his legs in Afghanistan. He was thought to be unconscious in the hospital, yet during the Purple Heart ceremony at his bedside, he rose his arm amidst the tubes and bandages, and saluted his commanding officer.

The news of this gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. The sheer dedication of this young man, even during probably the worst time of his life, is beyond admirable. It should make us all stop and reflect on the sacrifices these brave men and women make, regardless of our political leanings or views. It should make us see things in a much different light. It should snap us out of our self pity.

Please take a moment today, if not everyday, to remember the sacrifices, and to pray for our military personnel and veterans.

Military Monday message: To all of you – thank you! Your service is viewed through the eyes of an always growing, always learning, always empathetic military brat, and all you’ve done/do doesn’t go unnoticed by me!

Soldier on!


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