Posted: October 29, 2013 in Military, Politics
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imageIs anyone starting to see how this administration is slowly weeding out our military? At one point, not too long ago, anyone who thought this was considered a conspiracy theorist. Even from conservatives. Perhaps many still feel that way. I beg to differ. As if Benghazi weren’t enough evidence to show how this administration, especially the commander-in-chief, loathe our military, take a look back at Extortion 17. It was suspicious from the start. The timing was unquestionable, it was an obvious trap, and it killed off many of our elite. Their parents have tirelessly sought answers and I hope all Americans will back them.

Of course there’s the recent news of how Obama is getting rid of our military leaders, replacing them with people who will do what he wants, not what they took an oath to do. He’s working to destroy the military from the inside out and use it for his own personal vendetta against the country he swore to defend; and to target those who would call him on it.

Sadly, this mindset isn’t contained to just this administration. We may have thought gone are the days of Hanoi Jane and Swiftboat Kerry; or the protests of Code Pink, but we are wrong. Not only are the recent generations disrespectful to authority and have the entitlement mentality, but they also have fallen for the progressive thought that the American military kills innocent people for profit. Unfortunately, politicians do play with our lives and the lives of our soldiers, but that in no way makes our veterans and soldiers the “baby killers” and “murderers” that they are so viciously called.

I was informed by @Superman6869 of one of these ingrates who enjoyed disrespecting our military. I decided to single him out here. You will see here that @TrueNameBrand gleefully attacks and shows he actually believes freedom is free and that he owes nothing to our military. He wishes for their death and mocks those who mourn their fallen.

Holes in Helmets Children Killed Protect the Rich Military are Filth Freedom is Free Military Does Zero for His Freedom Suffer Pain Veterans Rot in Hell

Maybe this communist from New York City doesn’t realize where we would be if it weren’t for the actions of our brave military during the wars of the past. Perhaps he doesn’t realize what the purpose of the military is and how he is safe, mainly because of them. Scratch that…I actually think he does realize this, and hates them for not allowing America to become a communist country, and for not being under the “safe” umbrella of total government control.

This is the mindset of many extreme progressives. And it is these progressives that are seeking to change our America. Our military fought, sacrificed and many died to preserve the foundings of our country and keep it tyrant free: but the progressives are forming their own “military” of progressive minded, America-hating citizens (and non-citizens).

To add insult to injury, not only has this administration (as well as the previous one) staged the ceremonies for the return of the remains of soldiers KIA, they are dumping known remains into landfills, and refuse to inform the families. I received this from @hitman0321 that reports this awful revelation:

“King George County, Virginia is the site of the garbage dump that is now the final resting place of 274 fallen soldiers who gave their life for this country. The families of the dead thought they were authorizing the military to dispose of their loved ones remains with dignity; instead, the military threw the soldiers out with the trash.” Read More

Killing off our military, infiltrating them with progressive minded people, disrespecting the living and the fallen… That is what we’ve allowed our country to become by being silent and complacent. We need to support our veterans and active duty, and we need to fight alongside them in defending the American principles our founding fathers fought and died for.

Soldier on!


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