Bows and Ribbons on a Sharp Knife

Posted: November 1, 2013 in Holidays

As a Christian, especially one with small children, I struggle with Halloween. At one point, I completely avoided all things Halloween. I believe it’s an evil “holiday” with deep roots in the occult. Then I became more open to “Harvest Parties”, church get-togethers, “Trunk or Treat”, etc. I used to hand out candy with info about our church and a witnessing tract or two.

Honestly, I don’t like either of those approaches. I try not to completely avoid something that so completely engulfs our society. As Christians we are to be in the world but not of it, right? I’m not a fan of the latter approach either because many tracts are so far fetched and make Christians look fanatical, instead of just sharing the plain and simple truth. I’m also leery of people in masks. I don’t like mascots, or people in costumes, like at Disney World, either. So having trick-or-treaters come to my door isn’t really my idea of a good time. Seriously, if you were a “bad guy”, wouldn’t Halloween be an opportune time for you?

“Halloween…originated with pre-Christian Druids or Celts in Northern Europe, who marked the year by four seasonal festivals. The autumn feast took place on November 1st. Early Christians, desiring a part in the traditional festivities, created All Saints’ Day to coincide with the pagan rites. Satanists, acting true to form, reversed the Christian procedure. Because November 1st was All Saints’ Day (All Souls’ Day, November 2nd, memorializes the dead), Satanists established October 31st as an “All Demon’s Night”… All Hallows’ Eve predictably became a time of spells, curses, and horrors for those who did not believe, but for the Satanists, particularly the witches, it was a joyous festival and major sabbat. So it remains in a diluted form, ironically celebrated by Christian society far more vigorously than All Saints’ Day.” -Owen Rachleff

Many people know the history of this day. Christians will point out how it has satanic roots. Pagans will say they don’t participate in any such ritualistic practices. I did a bit of research on both sides of the issue, not a whole lot, though, as it can get a bit disturbing.

Yes, animal and human sacrifices are made, currently, in satanic rituals. Even though movies and tv shows try to glamorize the occult, it is still the occult. And it is still dark and ugly. (Much like Obamacare… They glamorized it as being this great law that will help everyone. The truth is, as it was before it was hastily passed, it hurts people. It hurts the medical field. It hurts America. Just sayin’)

Amidst the cute costumes, yummy candy, parties, and pumpkin carving, dark and ugly things are happening. For starters, the Air Force – Lackland, AFB in San Antonio, Texas – has allowed a witch to include Halloween as a holiday…a religious holiday. Prisons are allowing inmates belonging to witch covens a two hour service to honor and give thanks to their “lord” on Halloween. If Halloween wasn’t a satanic day, why would self proclaimed witches request observance of it?

Did you know that many animal shelters refuse to adopt out black cats around/on Halloween? Black cats, due to superstition, history, or whatever sick reason these people come up with, are tortured and killed, especially on this day.

“‘As horrible as this may sound, cats are tortured around Halloween time,’ said Deborah Thomas, executive director of the Maryland SPCA, which for years has enforced a virtual moratorium on black cat adoptions in the days before Halloween. ‘It’s just incredible what people will do to cats, as if they don’t have any feelings.'”

“The black cat was carried into the woods near a Clayton County, Ga. apartment complex, sprayed with flammable liquid and set on fire… In Stockbridge, Ga., someone tried to chemically burn a devil caricature, horns and all, into the face of a black kitten… ‘I think more happens than we know about,’ Deborah Rumbold of PeachState Pet Partners said.”

Real people are seeing the awful evidence of how evil this day can be. There is obviously a “sacrifice” of sorts, blood shed, and violence. Around/on Halloween…

Did you know that children are being targeted as well? Check out this blog by a young lady who was a victim of a satanic ritual:

“Folks say that Oct.31 is just an innocent night I stand to differ!… Some of my earliest memories of the ceremony and worship of the dark side that I experienced here follows.

One of the hardest involved being up in the canyon at the lodge where they gathered. Very late into the night of the moons shining upon them they would begin… I and other kids, children of the others there were in a cabin like building. The big kids would then get the little kid that was chosen by the adults. That night it was me…

In a cloth bag the big kids (those I now feel most sorry for), placed me. Like well humored or ill humored bullies I was spun around and dizzy. I was laughing innocently ,yet then fear and anger; they would not let me out. The bag was getting dusty for it was drug through the camp. I began to hurt and the air in the bag was stuffy. It stopped That man he was the big man who was the talker and leader of it. He opened it up and every one cheered! he smiled at me. “Let me get you out of there…” smiling at me I felt safe from the bullies.

He lifted me up high on the stone table. Everyone cheered and laughed. I was so tired and after a drink, I laid down. He had a bunny. I liked the bunny a lot. He was my friend and he was so soft he was scared. I got very sleepy from the drink. They were all around the table looking at me. Then the big boys were told they had a privilege and a responsibility they felt proud,and stood there. The cup was gold and it was above my face. The bunny screaming and then silent. I went away with him and watched from the forest with the Forest Angel. She was nice and the bunny was in a different body cause the other one was being drained into the cup. I was in a shadow body cause my other one was still on the table.

They took her clothes off she was pretty and tiny. The bunny gave her a drink from the cup and everyone had a sip too. I did not like it. The songs were there yukky songs and looking at the moon. I stayed with Forest Angel, she was nice. The body on the table had brown hair that was bad she had to be made white. The big boys made her white on both sides and it hurt her, they raped me, a lot…

They were praised for their offering. The little girl bled. I was hurt bad. Then they wrapped me in the blanket and the Forest Angel let go of my hand and I was her again.

I could not get clean enough. It burnt the hot water just would not take it all away off of me and out of me and I just died there, inside, no more to be… I just hid behind my eyes. I was only a little girl… I hate halloween… It is not an innocent night!!!!!!!!!!!! Somewhere a family is being set up, a child is being primed. Children are scared for life when used as the offenders. This is done to keep witnesses silent!!!”

When I read this, I felt like I was reading a possible scene from a horror movie. I’m sure skeptics will say this was an isolated incident, or one of very few. They may say that this just happened to be on Halloween, but isn’t related to the day itself. And I agree that those are all possibilities. However, this is someone’s testimony. Someone sharing what they saw and went through. And we can’t overlook that it included a sacrifice, blood shed, violence, and references to satanism. On Halloween…

When I lived in Texas, there was a case of several murders, all satanic sacrifices. It was in Matamoros, Mexico. It made the news in Texas because for one, Matamoros is a town right across the river from a border town – Brownsville, Texas ; and secondly, a student from the University of Texas was one of the victims. I found a blog from someone who also lived in Texas and remembers this case.

“In April of 1989, a south Texas border community was brought to its feet by the discovery of bizarre, ritualistic and torturous killings which occurred in a small ranch outside of Matamoros, Mexico. One of the 13 mutilated bodies discovered was that of Mark Kilroy, a 21 year old student at the University of Texas at Austin. Kilroy had been tortured mercilessly; his skull split open and his brain removed. Authorities later discovered Mark Kilroy’s brain in a cast-iron cauldron called a Nganga among other remains which included: various animals, spiders, scorpions, a horseshoe, a turtle shell and a human spinal column – all which had been boiled in blood.

The mastermind behind the murders was a Cuban immigrant and drug-smuggler named Adolfo Jesus de Constanzo. Constanzo and company sacrificed their victims and used their body parts in magical incantations and rituals – rituals that were very loosely based on a religion known as Palo Mayombe. (In truth, however, many of the cult members who participated in the slayings practiced a combination of Palo Mayombe, Roman Catholicism and Santeria.)…

Things slowly returned to normal in this south Texas region but remnants of that experience remain to this day. The following year, many schools across the region decided to tone down any attempt at celebrating the occult (i.e. Halloween) and banned all costumes which contained an “occult” theme… Some schools banned Halloween altogether and many of these districts still enforce the bans to this day.”  Read more

I remember the newspapers with the black and white pictures, I remember the news reports, and I remember being so very afraid… I’m not so much afraid anymore, as I am very cautious. Especially when the occult is very alive today, takes all shapes and forms, and is glamorized.

“A grisly list of cult-related crimes remains unsolved in Mexico. From prison, (one of the cult members) Sara Aldrete told reporters, ‘I don’t think the religion will end with us, because it has a lot of people in it. They have found a temple in Monterrey that isn’t even related to us. It will continue.’ Between 1987 and 1989, police in Mexico City recorded 74 unsolved ritual murders, 14 of them involving infant victims. Constanzo’s cult is suspected in at least 16 of those cases, all involving children or teenagers, but authorities lack sufficient evidence to press charges.” Read more

That was in a two year time span, and it was over two decades ago! Imagine what transpired since then…

You would think people would avoid such issues of the occult after hearing such awful news, but no… Shortly after this happened, I remember walking with my dad to get some firewood for the fireplace (I think we used that thing all of about two times!). When we stopped to pick up a few sticks and such, I saw an awful thing behind a tree… A cat and a dog had their skulls smashed together and both of their necks were gaping open. It was so gross…and so heart wrenching for me. My dad quickly diverted my attention elsewhere, but I won’t forget what I saw. I couldn’t believe this happened in our neighborhood.

The case in Matamoros was so gruesome. So sickening. So horrific. Yet when people heard of it, and the details of it, they dabbled in it!

“Authorities also discovered an assortment of “voodoo paraphernalia,” a blood splattered altar of sacrifice, cheap rum, human body parts, animal bones, chicken and goat heads, as well as the witch’s cauldron filled with the foul mixture of blood and flesh… They believed that by sacrificing innocent human beings, their loads of marijuana would have an invisible shield of protection from law enforcement officers. They were moving an average of one thousand pounds a week across the border… Constanzo…could only be called a Satanist…

Constanzo was known for giving psychic readings to many musicians and famous Hollywood celebrities. But aside from this, the greatest factor that most influenced him was a movie called The Believers. This film was actually a major contributor for inspiring Constanzo and his cronies to recapitulate what they viewed… According to the confessions of the accused, their distinct style of religion had been based on the supernatural Hollywood movie…

The Matamoros group used the principles outlined in the movie as a springboard for executing their occult beliefs… Sarah Aldrete, called the most “wickedly depraved” of the bunch by an interviewing officer, used the movie to recruit members into avenues of the occult…

Gary Provost, in his documentary The True Story of the Satanic Cult Killings, wrote:

“In video rental shops everywhere, clerks noticed a run on the film The Believers. When news stories reported that the movie had been used as a recruiting film by Constanzo’s youth cult members, the stores had thousands of calls for the film.”  Read more

I’m a very curious person… My best friend often calls me the curious cat… Hmmm…that’s kinda scary considering the content of this writing – yikes! It’s true though, I am very curious. I wanted to learn more of the occult because I wanted to know what I was up against. The whole “get to know your enemy” mentality. My dad had to warn me that however innocent my reasonings are, that I need to be very careful in my research. I didn’t take his suggestion lightly. I still guard my heart very well from such things.

Which brings me back to Halloween. Everyone needs to make their own choices when it comes to issues like whether to celebrate Halloween, or to even take part of it in any shape or fashion. I try not to judge others, especially non-Christians, if they choose to participate or not. What I want to do is give everyone something to think about. It’s what I do with my children. I tell them what I believe, and/or my thoughts, then I let them toss the issue around in their heads and see what conclusion they arrive at.

I 100% believe that Halloween is the devil’s day. It is a special day for those that “worship” him. Don’t take my word for it… Try Texe Marrs, a well known New Age researcher had this to say about it:

“Our own research confirms that on this unholy night [Halloween], witches’ covens meet, drink, dance, spit out curses and spells, conjure up spirits, engage in sexual orgies, induct new members, and offer up animal and human sacrifices. (Witches have become expert at covering up these sacrifices by use of cremation ovens and the use of privately owned land preserves for disposal of bodies in deeply dug graves.)”

Or you can take the word of known people in the occult:

Doreen Valiente – witch: “Halloween is one of the four Great Sabbats of the witches that everyone has heard about. To witches, Halloween is a serious occasion, however merrily celebrated.”

Margot Adler – witch: “All the Great Festivals of Paganism, wherever they may be found, correspond in common with the Solstices, Equinoxes, and other natural annual cycles of life. Most of these remain with us today in more or less disguised form as the so-called Christian holidays of Christmas (Yule), Easter (Ostara), May Day (Beltane), Thanksgiving (Harvest Home), Halloween (Samhain) and even Groundhogs day (Oimelc).”

Sharon Graham – witch: “Salem (Massachusetts) is a mecca, especially around Samhain. It is our holiday, our new year, and a lot of witches come here from all over the world”

Anton Szandor LaVey – satanist (now deceased): “Two major holidays, HALLOWEEN and Walpurgisnacht are celebrated by the Church of Satan.  Read more

Knowing that there are possibly thousands of other stories similar to the ones heard here, what do you think of Halloween? Even if you don’t celebrate it with evil things, and you don’t perform sacrifices, does it bother you to know that you’re taking part in a day that is special to people who are evil and who do sacrifice animals and even innocent human beings?

Or as I asked my children: If you put bows and ribbons on a sharp knife, does it make it less potentially dangerous?

“Halloween is purely and absolutely evil, and there is nothing we ever have or will do that would make it acceptable to the Lord Jesus.”former Wiccan High Priest

“You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons. You cannot share in the Lord’s table and the table of demons.” 1 Corinthians 10:21

Soldier on!

  1. Rocky Rivers says:

    Interesting. You’ve admitted ignorance by not doing extensive research. You did some research and deemed the day evil. A DAY can not be evil much like a gun can’t. Perhaps that’s logic you can follow. But, explain away your ignorance. It’s quite telling of your character.

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