Happy Veterans’ Day

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Broken Fury, Holidays, Military



I’m used to seeing the military through the perspective of a dependent, but hearing veterans share their experiences, I was able to catch a small glimpse of their perspective. I wrote this a year or so ago, not really sharing it publicly. I’m no writer…I just write what’s on my heart…

“He prepares his body for exertion; prepares his mind to focus; but how does he prepare his heart?

Structure, a well oiled machine, provides ease through the days; family and friends provide love; but what provides for his heart?

Children cope as children do, a soldiers wife questions & cries; but where is the coping for his heart?

Strain on the family, strain on relationships; but what about the strain on his heart?

Separation makes the children weep, sorrows the soldiers wife; but who will repair the cracks of separation throughout his heart?

The soldier’s beating heart is fragile… It’s his brave, courageous outer shell that he sells as indestructible; protect a soldier’s heart at all costs.

Love him with a fire so bright he could see it across the ocean on a dark night; a fire that warms his soul when the nights are cold, that embraces him when he is alone; a fire that touches him so deep that he feels the love and support right next to him even though sea & sand separate.”

imageThank you, veterans and active duty, for sacrificing more than we can ever see with our eyes. I can’t say it enough, and I’ll be saying it until there’s no breath left in me…. You’re important to me, and I’m grateful for you.

Have a blessed Veterans’ Day!

Soldier on!

  1. Danny Bagwell says:

    Nice job


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