imageI’ve said this many times that where one stands on the issue of abortion is telling of how they treat people. If a person doesn’t respect human life at its start, how can the said person respect life at any other stage?

A person’s stance on abortion is usually the standard of measurement I use in how I view them. This is especially important in choosing a President. Our President considers pregnancy a punishment and supports abortion at any time, even after birth, aka infanticide. His support of such atrocities carries on to this day in which this week he awarded the Medal of Freedom to Gloria Steinham. What’s worse is that her mentor was Margaret Sanger… and she wanted the medal to be in Sanger’s honor.

Here are a few other displays of  this administration’s lack of value for human life: (Click on the links to read current events that have made me so furious)

Fast and Furious – the victims are rendered disposable as Obama plots, lies, and covers up his gun running operation.

“Hundreds of Mexicans have been murdered with weapons that the Obama administration knowingly watched walk across the border into the hands of Mexican drug cartels and at least two federal agents have been murdered with those same weapons. Yet, Barack Obama has the audacity to stand and thumb his nose at the American people and these families and claim these are nothing more than “phony” scandals.” Read more

To this day, the family of Brian Terry still seeks answers and justice, yet are met with obstacle after obstacle.

Affordable Healthcare Act aka Obamacare – the victims are We the People, being lied to, our wages stolen, our coverage stripped, forced into a form of slavery, as Dr. Ben Carson called it, and facing a crumbling economy due to this weapon of mass destruction called socialized medicine.

The Constitution – Obama treats this as disposable even though he swore an oath to defend it. Americans are becoming the victims of right to privacy breaches.  And while our President enslaves people with his bloated welfare program, we who aren’t on it are enslaved with taxes to support it.

Parents – if the government can’t convince you to murder your unborn child, then they are going to do their damnedest to control the child(ren) you have. A recent story reports how a hospital is questioning a family’s choice of care, to the extent of basically kidnapping their child.

Of course our schools are getting worse, becoming propaganda camps for our children. We are forced to abide by their rules, their curriculum, and their standards.

If government controls your kids, what are you as a parent? Disposable is what you are.

Fort Hood – the victims and their families have become the disposable Americans as Obama sided with the terrorist, calling his jihad “workplace violence”. Apparently Obama cares more for appeasing Muslim killers than he does American soldiers…

Benghazi – the victims were disposable to Obama, and we still don’t know why he chose to callously leave them to die in agony after several pleas for help. The families are lied to, all of America was lied to, but nothing is more detestable than Obama ignoring dying Americans, going so far as to order backup assistance to stand down…

The Armed Forces – disposable to Obama as he binds their hands with enemy coddling rules of engagements, apologizing to our enemies – a slap in the face to our Military, and slashing their pay and benefits while providing monetary aid to our enemies, to name the very tip of the iceberg…

Extortion 17 – the slaughter of almost all the Navy SEAL Team 6, the team responsible for eliminating our enemy Osama bin Laden. They would never have been exposed – which is the way they operate – had it not been for this administration putting a target on their backs. As if their death wasn’t bad enough, Obama allowed a Muslim Imam to “pray” over our dead soldiers’ bodies, condemning their souls to hell.

Furious yet?

Human beings at their very start of life are disposable in Obama’s eyes and in the eyes of progressives running this country. Is it any wonder how they feel about YOU?

What stage of life will you become disposable?

Soldier on!


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