Happy Thanksgiving – I’m Thankful For YOU!

Posted: November 26, 2013 in Holidays, Military, Politics
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Last week I came across two reports of blatant disrespect and harassment of our veterans. I think it’s crystal clear how Obama views them, and his disdain has trickled on down to people placed under his administration and supporters of his agenda.

In the first double whammy, a veteran was harassed by Texas police for open carrying a rifle while hiking. Dashcam video proves he was innocent. Not only was he harassed, but the officer went to disarm and detained him.

In the second double whammy, a veteran working at a California hospital placed “God Bless America” on his emails, was told to remove it, which he did. However, when he went to seek legal counsel, the hospital put him on administrative leave for “insubordination”.

What have we become that we allow our bravest to be treated this way? If anyone is qualified to own a gun, and carry it openly, it is our veterans. If anyone is in need of having and keeping a job, it is our veterans. If anyone deserves to have their freedom of speech, it is our veterans.

If I could ask for one thing on a day set aside for giving thanks, it would be to take favorite Thanksgiving food items to deployed military; visit with veterans who are without loved ones; or take warm meals and clothing/shelter to the homeless veterans. I’m no celebrity or anyone special who could do such things on the grand scale that I envision and desire, but hopefully one day…

imageEvery day, every holiday, every chance we get, we need to thank YOU, our veterans and active duty. This Thanksgiving, as with all of them, I thank God for everything… Without God, we have nothing. Without God, I wouldn’t have any of you. So I will once again thank The Lord for creating each and every single one of you, and those I’ve not met or gotten to know yet.

Happy Thanksgiving!

With all my heart… Thank you…

Soldier on!


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