imageA deep and dark shade of blue, as in sadness/depression, is usually caused by the terminally ill and loss of loved ones, especially over the holidays. I know of two women on twitter who have faced this with their husbands. Another woman is facing it with her sister. A close friend of mine lost his best friend. Another friend lost her grandma. Recently, we lost another celebrity – Paul Walker. I think of all the families as they try to celebrate the holidays without their loved one sharing in the festivities, and my heart breaks for them.

We hear the death statistics of our military, and as heartbreaking as it is for us as citizens, we tend to overlook their families and the empty hole in their lives that can never be filled. It’s even more excruciating throughout the holidays. One such family is the Vaughn family. Do you recognize their name? They had a son, Aaron Carson Vaughn – a member of Navy SEAL Team VI. Aaron Vaughn was on Extortion 17 when it was shot down in an obvious trap. A trap set by the enemy in retaliation for our capturing Osama bin Laden.

The following are excerpts from a book by Aaron Vaughn’s father, Billy Vaughn, titled “Betrayed – The Shocking True Story Of Extortion 17 As Told By A Navy SEAL’s Father”. (Click on the images to enlarge and read.)

A Fallen Angel Over Afghanistan



I’m currently reading this book and I could barely make it past the first chapter. My heart was so heavy… Just reading the last moments of the pilots’ conversation as they saw Extortion 17 go down is bone chilling… And brought me to tears. I couldn’t help but peek towards the end of the book and read the Call To Action that Billy Vaughn directed to Obama and to us all.

Call To Action



I remember being so incredibly sad and angry at the same time that day, and the days to follow. My gut knew this was retaliation. The administration had put targets on the backs of SEAL Team VI and their families. I had a friend in Afghanistan at the time, “Red” as I called him in “Lighting the Unexpected Flame”. Worry set in and I emailed him, hoping and praying he was alright, and worried for his family back home. It was a day that not many talk about now, almost forgotten, but it changed lives and fueled a fire in some to fight for the truth.

imageI encourage you all to read this book with me. Extortion 17, as well as other atrocities, is an event that I firmly believe the President should be held accountable for. He betrayed Americans and Aaron Vaughn’s father makes a solid case for that in this book. I hope and pray that justice is swiftly served. (Portions of all proceeds for the book are donated to Operation 300, a non-profit foundation designed to create adventure camps for children of the fallen. See www.operation300.com for more information.)

“On August 6, 2011, the men of Extortion 17 valiantly laid down their lives on our behalf. Great men and women in uniform all over this world continue to do the same on a daily basis. It’s imperative that we, the people who reap the benefit of their sacrifice, stand up and defend our defenders. Go outside tonight and look up at the sky. Show the men of Extortion 17 that their story has lit a fire in you.” -Billy Vaughn

Soldier on!


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