The Emasculation of America – Intro

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Military, Politics

imageAs you know, I’ve been reading about Extortion 17, and needless to say, it’s been heartbreaking. A letter from an anonymous author was given to Aaron Vaughn, in which he allowed his father to read it. I can’t explain the emotions I had while reading it, but it did eventually motivate me to write on this subject.

I try not to make these too long, but as I dug more into this, I noticed it could get very long, very quickly. So I’ll start with what motivated me to write this, and in the following weeks, hopefully, I can add to it.

The following are a few excerpts from the letter:

Our community is made up of some of the toughest and smartest men in the military, but we are losing our identity and our respect day by day…

The first problem…is the insatiable demand for political correctness and sensitivity within the military… What’s most disgusting is our willingness to oblige these ludicrous demands that go against what I believe are the very core of what we are supposed to be…

Simply stated, men are turning into women not only throughout American society, but throughout our armed services as well. Our leaders have become too weak to stand tall and shoot straight. We no longer opt for the most sensible and practical approach to war, we now consider what those outside our community will think or say if we do this instead of that…

Our morals have been shelved so that we may cater to those weak few who shame masculinity and preach peace and harmony…

…most of the great leaders in our community who the men most respect, are being flushed out of the teams…greed and politics are now taking over, and those who fight for the men and fight for what is morally right as opposed to fight for themselves are hung out to dry and left in the dust…

We have lost sight of what makes us different and special, and we are conforming to the standards of others, and forgetting about those set by our fathers and brothers before us…

In a brotherhood of warriors, you are only as strong as your weakest man. Well, we are letting weaker men slip through the cracks every day. Soon it is going to bite us in the ass…”

Ponder the words of this anonymous SEAL. Think about our military, our society, our standards……

Military Monday message: Another year passes that we have lived in the land of the free because God blessed us with people like you…thank you! May you have a blessed New Year!

Stay safe, be smart, keep focused, and…

Soldier on!

  1. Sentry says:

    Well said! It’s been too long since civilized nations have fought a war with victory as the true goal, and bureaucrats and politicians have taken over our militarily. Make no mistake, a flag officer is a politician. He has to be in order to negotiate the maze which leads to command. Unfortunately for the members on the ground or on deck, their lives are endangered by logistics and politics.

    Political correctness is a disease in the military. Lowering standards does nothing but destroy esprit de corps by fostering resentment. Anyone who’s had to train alongside someone held to a lower standard understands that. Unfortunately, the politicians and bureaucrats will never understand that. They’ll only punish anyone who speaks out.

  2. Danny Bagwell says:

    Well done, you’re getting to be a better writer


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