It’s Friday! And I find myself with a small window of opportunity to write up a Fury-ous Friday rant…and oh boy is there a lot of crap going on around us… Please click on the links to see the sources, reports, and media in their entirety as I’ve only briefly ranted on them.

imageLet me start off with Sarah Silverman being visited by “Jesus Christ”… Yeah, the crass feminazi has made a public service announcement on abortion in which “Jesus” asks her to deliver His message, He uses His mankind-given middle name, apparently, and He of course knows Sarah’s “spot” calling her a good little Jewish girl. (As offensive as it is, I strongly encourage you to watch the video under the “announcement” link above.)

“liberalism is a religion and abortion is the sacrament…” – Rush Limbaugh

Many others have expressed this as well and it has become more of a reality each day. Godfather Politics shared the sentiment recently, along with some great points:

The Left wants women to remain ignorant because an ultrasound will show that the ‘fetus’ is actually a developing human being…

The Left doesn’t want anyone to think too much about when human life begins because the fact that it begins at conception is the most logical conclusion.

Fertilized eggs ARE people — people at their earliest, most vulnerable stage of development. Find the human being who didn’t start life as a fertilized egg and I’ll admit to being wrong on this point…

The Left, claiming its concern is about women and their health, when its real interest is controlling the breeding of “undesirable” populations and making money from it…

The Left’s notion of feminism promotes shallowness, vanity and loose morals among women rather than the inherent beauty and sanctity of motherhood, and the sublime wisdom of real femininity…

To the Left, a woman is just a vagina, not a person, just as a baby is an inconvenient lump of tissue, not a human being…

Abortion has cost the country too much. Americans need to see through the Left’s amoral nonsense. The real Jesus is waiting for us.”

You may shake your head and dismiss this video from Sarah Silverman as typical liberal trash. May I remind you of the generation Sarah is attempting to reach. A generation being raised by parents who are so blinded by liberal ideology that they cannot teach their children reality. These children will most likely be in charge of us as we age. These children are moldable and subjected to the liberal trash that Sarah Silverman has created. This is why we need to be concerned for such idiotic stunts as this. Sarah may be taking her “V to shining V” all across the country, but I hope and pray she is met with resistance from real, patriotic, truth-telling Americans who are willing to stomp out her lies and expose the truth she is so desperately trying to hide.

imageWomen, lying, abortion… That brings me to Wendy Davis aka “Abortion Barbie”…

Wendy is a goddess to liberal women, especially feminazis. A single teen mom who broke through her chains and became the strong woman she is today. Because of her hardships, she KNOWS the trials of women and she wants women to have choices! Choices to abort their unborn child at any stage of development, specifically. She even stood for hours, HOURS, in a filibuster, not once stopping to pee.

I’m sorry to break it to you feminazis, but, Wendy is a big fat liar…

Reports have surfaced that Wendy was married and didn’t get a divorce until she was 21. She wasn’t a “single teen mom”, and what a slap in the face that is to actual single teen mothers! She also remarried, and pawned her daughter off to her husband so she could go to college, in which HE paid for! Aaand she left him after her college was paid for.

Oh and the filibuster… She had a catheter put in beforehand…

A video was released this week on some dirty politics surrounding Wendy Davis. It turns out that Battleground Texas, whose sole purpose is to turn Texas blue, is behind supporting Davis to run. And they had some disturbing things to say about her opponent, Greg Abbott, who is wheelchair bound.

Thanks to the hard work of citizen journalists trained in guerrilla journalism by the one and only James O’Keefe the truth is exposed on video :

“Really wondering how this is gonna work out since he’s in a wheelchair and most of our slogans are ‘stand with Wendy'”

“Battleground had to tell her that ‘we are gonna support you’, we had to convince her”

“He’s in a wheelchair but has no sympathy for anyone…he may have a personality disorder”

“He’s not good looking, he doesn’t speak very well, he doesn’t have a good personality and he’s in a wheelchair”

“We received absentee forms and I just signed his name on one, is that ok?” “I don’t think that’s legal but…i didn’t hear you say that.” “People do it all the time.”

I shouldn’t be shocked by any of this, should I? This is straight out of the liberal play book. That being said, we all need to be on our toes, catching this deceptive behavior before it has a chance to take root.

Another issue taking root in America is Islam. How is it that we have allowed this to go on this long? This is AMERICA! Our founders were a Christian majority! Our morals, values, and laws were founded on Biblical principles! Yet we allow a false religion, one that seeks to slaughter us, to have free reign on OUR SOIL!

In Connecticut, a form of Islamic honor violence occurred this month in which a man poured boiling oil onto his wife while she slept.

In New York a Muslim man stabbed his new wife over 30 times in the neck, stuffed her body in a closet and fled. He said if she were a Muslim, none of this would’ve happen.

Also in New York, a Muslim murdered his landlord, using a sword, nearly decapitating him. Motive is still unknown, but Heaven forbid we associate a beheading with a Muslim! Gasp!

In Missouri, Muslims who were training with OUR Army attempted to abduct a 12 year old girl. Because of agreements between them and our military, they weren’t prosecuted, but were to be deported.

In Michigan, a Muslim man beats his new wife regularly, with the last beating landing her in the hospital, where she died. Her family could only be reached via computer, where they watched her die, asking the staff to comfort her for them.

In Colorado, five Iraqi men, in which the majority, if not all, Iraqi men are Muslim, savagely raped a woman. We helped them assimilate here, after all, these men were considered to be the “good” guys, “moderate Muslims”, because they assisted our military in Iraq.

“The plain and simple truth is that Islam is not compatible with America. Helping our soldiers may be heroic, but that doesn’t mean that years of Islamic indoctrination will vanish. You do not erase the teachings of Islam from a young man’s heart by simply bringing him to America. You do not magically dissolve the misogyny (hatred of women) that is a part of who these young men are.” – Pamela Gellar

In Minnesota, (as well as airports in New York and DC) members of the Muslim Brotherhood were allowed through airport security without scrutiny or pat downs. One had prior issues here in the US with child pornography, yet it was reported these “jihadists for Allah” were able to enter our country smoothly. The State Department cleared the way for this terrorist group using ” port courtesy” :

the coming days, we’re going to write down a list of procedures for dealing with MB visits to the United States” -State Department personnel

After that blatant “aiding and abetting the enemy”, we mustn’t overlook the “Muslim in the White House” when we hear how DC “innocently” petitioned for Muslim Holidays to be recognized in schools… The petition has more signatures than the petition to release Afghanistan POW Bowe Bergdahl! What is wrong with Americans when they care more for appeasing members of a false religion instead of having concern, if any, for our own?

Speaking of schools, do you know what’s going on in your child’s school?

In Arizona, an elementary teacher was upset at a female student for hiding her face in her shirt. The teacher had been yelling at the students, and the girl, who is a special needs student, was obviously frightened, and wouldn’t come out from behind her shirt. The teacher proceeded to forcibly remove her shirt, and made her sit amongst her class, topless.

In Kansas, a 13 year old girl took a picture of a sign posted at her school. The sign said “How Do People Express Their Sexual Feelings?” On that sign were these acts:

Oral Sex, Hugging, Sexual Fantasy, Touching Each Other’s Genitals, Caressing, Anal Sex, Kissing, Dancing, Vaginal Intercourse, Massage, Masturbation, Talking, Holding Hands, Saying “I like you”, Cuddling on the Couch, Grinding

When the school was called, they said it was merely part of the curriculum. The “curriculum”, no doubt, is Common Core

In New York, a Common Core student services page, with a site for the curriculum’s materials, there were links to sex quizzes. Keep in mind this is a student services page, accessible to ALL ages. These quizzes weren’t simple anatomy related teachings (which still shouldn’t be taught by a website!), no, these were explicit quizzes asking about gang bangs and how long your d**k is! The site has been taken down, thankfully. However, it was up and running for a year before being found out.

Oh how the lovely Common Core is completely rotten from the inside out… It isn’t effective education, it is pure, progressive propaganda.

I read once that they want to eventually place tracking devices on children in school so that they can better monitor their reactions to Common Core curriculum. Supposedly it is to help educators notice patterns of stress when a child is faced with a tough task. I thought “no freaking way will they ever make this idea sound good enough to convince parents to allow this…”

imageEnter the “trendy RFID bracelets”! These bracelets will allow parents to know where their child is at all times. It will remind the child that he needs to stop watching TV and get some exercise. It will sound an alarm if the child attempts to eat something he is allergic to. Guess what? It can be used by people other than a child’s parents… Think about that. As Melissa Melton of The Daily Sheeple said:

“…these tracking bracelets really are – invisible, digital prisons… All this trendy tech is just breeding a culture of dependence and enslavement.”

How about those refrigerators that have a touch screen…keeps track of your groceries and can find recipes for you? Every domestic engineer’s dream right? Yeah…until it gets hacked and a cyber attack is launched on your refrigerator! Wow, never thought I’d say those words together in a sentence…

While we are on the subject of cyber attacks, let me remind you of how completely un-secure the ACA website is. Wasn’t ACA supposed to be this amazing thing for the good of the American people? Sooo amazing that the website is faulty, unsecured, and Americans are at risk of identity theft, among the thousands of other reasons to avoid ACA! Since ACA must be funded somehow, that means YOU are paying for things you may not agree with. You are being FORCED to.

Recently an appeals court decided that a convicted murderer wanting a sex change must be allowed to have one, ON THE TAXPAYERS DIME! Let me get this straight: this asshole strangles his wife to death, serves life in prison, in which we pay for, and now he wants a sex change to be paid for by us as well! Jenifer Levi, director of GLAD’s Transgender Rights Project steps in to remind us how, in a civilized society,

“there is a baseline of care that has to be provided to all prisoners, including prisoners who are transgender.”

Did I miss something? He is a CRIMINAL! When did getting a tax payer funded sex change become “baseline care”?! He lost ALL of his rights as a human being when he took the rights of his wife to LIVE! We are FORCED to pay for this criminal’s “baseline care” for his entire life.

Another example of a chosen lifestyle being FORCED upon us… A new ruling is FORCING a Christian business to provide service for a gay wedding. Never mind the rights of the owners to abide by what they believe in. Their rights apparently are trumped by the rights of homosexuals.

Evander Holyfield was recently chastised for voicing his view that being gay is a choice. He was basically silenced. How’s that for not affecting others?

Homosexuality doesn’t live in a vacuum. It effects everyone.

imageI’m sure you haven’t missed all the shootings occurring recently. I might add that they are excessive under this administration… But did you hear that news reports have linked the sleep medication Ambien with mass shootings? Our “most transparent administration” remains awfully silent on this, yet belligerently loud on gun control…

Another “transparent” moment that we must have all missed is how Obama’s administration threatened a FOX reporter, not because she works for FOX, but because she was reporting heavily on Benghazi… Gee, what could this administration possibly have to hide, in regards to Benghazi, that they must threaten a reporter?

I can’t stand this POS of a governor, however I can at least give him credit, begrudgingly, for being “transparent” in his views about people like me. To his views I say: This is America, Governor Cuomo, and Americans have a right to live wherever they want to in the Land of the free. Did you catch that? We are FREE to be conservative, FREE to support the rights of the unborn, FREE to own guns of any size, FREE to abide by the Bible, the same Holy book our founding fathers used as a foundation for morality in this country, to support our views on issues such as homosexuality… We are FREE! If anyone has no place in New York, it is YOU, Governor Cuomo. YOU are anti-American and I can only hope and pray you’re removed of your position before you completely and utterly destroy New York!

The last, but sadly not the least, infury-ating piece I’ve come across is one of how the blame will ultimately be placed on conservatives.

“When the system finally buckles – and it will – who do you think is going to get the blame? The answer is quite simple. It’s going to be those people who planned ahead.

Did you stock up on food and other supplies ahead of time while Americans are starving in the streets? Then you are a socially selfish individual and you’re personal property will need to be seized and distributed for the greater good. In fact, a recent Executive Order gives the President authorization to do just that.

Did you purchase silver or gold as a hedge against inflation or fear that our monetary system would collapse? Then you are to blame for undermining our national currency.

Do you have a retirement account like a 401K or IRA while other Americans have to depend on paltry government assistance checks to survive? Then you are the problem because you haven’t shared your wealth. Congressional members have already discussed turning your personal savings into government managed plans much like Obamacare.

Do you often discuss free market principles like the elimination of income taxes or letting large institutions fail when they mismanage their company operations? Then your ideas are to blame.” You can read the entire piece here.

Many people will look at such an article as radical, a “prepper” piece, or conspiratorial. Regardless of what it may be, it does give us food for thought. We should ponder this possibility, and it is indeed a possibility. I believe there will be some who will go with the flow to avoid being blamed. And then there will be some who stand firm in their beliefs, regardless of whether they’re wrongly blamed or not.

Who will you be? Are you prepared to speak the truth? Do you know your enemy enough to fight back effectively?

Whether you’re a Christian or not, you’re at war with two, savage, false religions: Islam and Progressive Ideology.


Soldier on!


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