Military Cuts and Food Stamps

Posted: February 25, 2014 in Military, Politics

imageI’m sure you’ve heard about Chuck Hagel’s plans to gut the military. If not, you can read about it here.

I instantly want to call this domestic terrorism because I truly believe Obama is a terrorist. However, cutting the military back to pre-WWII military conditions isn’t necessarily “terrorism”. What it is is betrayal by making us vulnerable to attacks… Attacks that could cripple America for good. If that’s not terrorizing to you, well I wish I lived in your gumdrops and lollipops world.

Not only are military personnel being hacked back, but their families will be affected as well. They already are. Back in October I wrote a fury-ous piece, Underwire Bras, Eel, and a F*ck You! , that included the story about the eel eating EBT card user. Well today I came across an article that included a clip of that story in regards to military food stamp usage. (I’m sorry but “military” and “food stamp” should not be in the same sentence!) The following are excerpts from that article, as well as the clip of the tax payer money sucking leach.

…President Obama is the most successful food stamp president in American history. We need a program to put 14 million Americans back to work.

We are committed to creating jobs.

The Democrats are committed to killing jobs.

You decide which future you want, paychecks or food stamps?

Republicans shouldn’t flinch because Democrats yell class warfare. Republicans shouldn’t blink and run for the hills. They ought to be calm and say this is the Obama depression it is going to get worse under his policies and we ought to change it now.”

 -Newt Gingrich

Sadly the Americans he’s crushing now are our military heroes.

Food stamp redemption at military grocery stores, or commissaries, has nearly doubled since the beginning of the “Great Recession,” topping out at $103.6 million in fiscal 2013, from $31.1 million in 2008.

The military members likely to be on food stamps are those at the bottom of the ranks with children, where base pay — not including housing or food — for a new soldier with a spouse and child is about $20,000.

With housing and food allowances, an Army private with two years experience would make about $40,000.

So while our military men and women are risking their lives around the world only to come home and be forced to live on food stamps – slacker wastes are living on the beach eating lobster. It just doesn’t seem fair, does it? We need to force our politicians to reprioritize how they spend our welfare tax dollars. Our soldiers deserve better pay, and those lowlife slackers don’t deserve a thin dime of welfare money.”

It’s bad enough that some guy out in California is blatantly choosing to live off money that the government takes away from us to give to his lazy a$$, but it’s even worse when we have a President, the commander-in-chief, who lives a lavish life and his family wants for nothing while those under his command suffer and beg for scraps to fall off king Obama’s table…

Military Monday note:
I’ve been on somewhat of a hiatus from Twitter for almost two weeks. As good as it is to step away for a bit, I’m so glad to be back. I miss everyone, especially YOU! As always, and with all my heart, thank you for your service
and sacrifice! Without you, America wouldn’t have the strength she has today. Let’s encourage others to build up America’s strength so that we are able to fight whatever tyranny may come our way.

Soldier on!

  1. Richard Bare says:

    It’s treasonous what this administration is doing to our country. THANKS for the mention, I call and e-mail my Senator’s often. Sometimes I get a reply sometimes not, it usually depends on what I’m complaining about. These idiots can’t be gone soon enough for me and most of my family.I love your passion and share your love for this country. Sincerely Richard Bare

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