Update – Support Our Veterans: Scotty’s Memoirs

Posted: April 15, 2014 in Guest Blog Posts, Military
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20140414-212218.jpgIt’s been recently brought to light how our veterans are being overly drugged in order to “treat” their conditions, and how many suffer in silence. With so many veterans suffering with some form of PTSD alongside with physical ailments from war, one has to wonder about the ones who slipped through the cracks. I’ve gotten to know a few, but many won’t or can’t publicly tell of their struggles.

I was very shocked when a friend of mine, Scotty, said I could post his story in my blog. He has since written an update on his condition, and although there are some who don’t share his experiences or agree with his views, it is nonetheless HIS story and testimony of HIS experiences. And he wants his struggles to reach any and all veterans who might be struggling alongside him in silence. Or maybe there are veterans who’ve learned how to manage their struggles and can provide advice. Either way, our veterans deserve for their voices to be heard. You can find Scotty’s story here.

The following is his update…

I am writing this letter for my true friend NytFury (Jai). I was given heartbreaking news about a month ago. I was diagnosed with liver disease, and my other health problems have not lightened up as well, but, the liver disease was a big hit for me on the head.

I have been fighting Lupus, PTSD, acute osteomyelitis in my right shoulder, degenerative lumbar disease, insomnia, hypotension, epigastric pain, a benign enlarged polyp, rectal hemorrhaging, depression, migraines, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and a Vitamin D deficiency to name a few problems with my health. I am not looking for sympathy but I am still fighting these battles at my age of 44 years old. My doctor has told me it is unusual for a person my age to have these problems. I told him everything I went through when I was in Bosnia and he was understanding and sympathetic to my story of war.

I solely blame all my health problems coming from the military. My health was good until I joined the Air Force in 1996. After going to Bosnia in 1998 that’s when all my problems began with drinking alcohol, nightmares, insomnia and PTSD.

Before joining the Air Force I drank alcohol but it was at social gatherings with friends on occasion. After my experience with the Bosnia conflict, it was 24/7, 12 to 24 packs of beer a night. I needed something to help me with my symptoms and this was the only thing I thought was available at the time. The alcohol actually worked better than all the medicine I am on now. I did quit drinking in 2009 and sometimes I sit and think maybe I should have stayed with the drinking because I didn’t have liver problems then. I did quit because of theirritable bowel syndrome. I would drink maybe two beers and then the irritable bowel syndrome took over and made me go because I couldn’t hold it. I was very embarrassed because I was in a bar at the time it happened. 

I was a homeless veteran, too, and it took a lot of my pride to get some help, but, no one was willing to hire a beat up veteran with these problems. So I asked the state to help me and I have gotten some of the best help. Including Jai who has been truly an angel to watch over me and my health. It seems I am one of the few to let my difficulties go public. Jai has helped me mentally and spiritually with my problems. I give thanks to her eternally because she deserves it. She really cares about our servicemen and servicewomen. 

I am looking for help in any way possible due to my deteriorating health. I don’t like asking for anything, but, I don’t know how much time I have left on this earth and I would like to let the world know about the problems that come from war before I pass away. I have limited means of living and do not own a lot of things because the doctors and medicine take a lot of money. If anyone could help me besides Jai it would be greatly appreciated. 

I would also like to start up a donation center for homeless veterans so they can get the help that they need. Some veterans have too much pride to ask for help and I would like to find these veterans to help them get off the streets. Thank you to everyone who supports the troops and veterans.


Twitter: @jetz52469

Our military is trained to fight, defend, and be self preserving. It is not in their trained nature to ask for help. Our veterans volunteered their life in place of ours… Please reach out and support them, including Scotty, even if it’s just to listen.

Soldier on…

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    I have a quick question for you, could you email me when you have a chance? Thanks! –Emily


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