What do Progressives, Atheists and Libertarians have in common?

Posted: June 14, 2014 in Abortion Is Murder, Apologetics, Broken Fury, Military, Politics
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imageProgressives, atheists and libertarians have something in common – they do not abide by a moral standard. In all of my debates on twitter and in person, I’ve learned that as a society, we have strayed from a moral standard, and for our society to work, we MUST have one. Our founding fathers based our great country on the standards set by God Almighty. When we stray from those standards (libertarians), justify breaking them (progressives), or ignore them altogether (atheists), our country ceases to be great.

I have many libertarian friends, very few atheist friends, and even fewer progressive friends, and they all know where I stand on the issues. I’m very socially conservative, and above all, I’m a Christian. I strongly believe that when you compromise on your morals, you compromise your soul, our country, and the very foundings that made us great. Let’s break down a few of the most controversial social issues:

imageMilitary: I argued with a libertarian who felt we should never have military on foreign soil, even when other countries are slaughtering their own, because American interests are what matter. I understand that we can’t be the world’s hero, but do you realize it is morally wrong to murder, and we are complicit when we allow it to happen? Isn’t it wrong to blindly look away when there is wrongdoing? Do you realize that America is not her own planet? We share the world’s space with other countries. What they do can, and will, affect us. It is in our best interest to have solid leadership and a strong military to defend and protect America. By doing so, we can assist others in their fight against evil.

A libertarian friend once said, “if some dude wants to poke another dude in his a$$ to get off, I think it’s gross, but it’s none of my business.” But isn’t it? How was AIDS originally spread in the U.S.? By homosexuals. What community was it prevalent in? The homosexual community. Who does it affect now? Everyone. That is our business. And when homosexuals demand laws be changed to fit their lifestyle, it definitely becomes our business. Homosexual marriage is an attack on the family unit. It denies children their right to a mother and father. It breaks up the family even further than the welfare program did by removing the man from the household.

imageAbortion: A young “Ron Paul libertarian” I worked a job with was a staunch fiscal conservative, but went so far as to support abortion saying it was a woman’s personal choice and none of anyone else’s business. Her goal was to focus on fiscal issues because that’s what matters. Let me ask you this – if an elected official, one who was fiscally conservative, doesn’t care for a human being at the beginning stages of life (for as you know, a human being begins at conception), then how could they possibly care for a human being at any other stage of life? If we are expendable at our earliest stages, aren’t we expendable now? This is why abortion matters so greatly in elections, and in society as a whole. If we are expendable, fiscal matters mean nothing.

Christianity: Religious tolerance is dangerous. Our founders welcomed people of all faiths. People are free to worship what and/or who they want in our country. That does not mean they are free to impose their beliefs on us, or demand laws to fit their religion or lifestyle. Our founding fathers were, for the majority, Christians. Being a Christian means you believe in One God, who sent His Son Jesus, a human form of Himself, to die for our sins, was raised from the grave and is the bridge over our sins to Him if we accept Him. God’s words in the Bible are His own words, in its entirety, and Jesus is God. THAT is a Christian. And our country was founded on Christianity. Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witness, Buddhism, Atheism, Islam, etc are NOT what this country was founded on and we should never allow anything other than Christianity to affect our laws, or our moral standard.

When we allow our morals to become malleable, we compromise ourselves and our nation. Progressives and atheists are actively killing our country, and libertarians are assisting them by compromising our morality. We MUST have a moral standard, the standard that comes from God alone, and stick to it unwaveringly if we want to succeed.

Soldier on…

  1. Devin says:

    Hey, I’m a follower of Jesus and a libertarian, and I find your article quite silly. You say murder is wrong, which it is. Yet advocate for young men to go over to different countries around the world and murder people to prevent… murder. Two wrongs do not make a right. War is a horrible thing, and to call yourself a Christian and tell people who are anti war they are wrong is astounding. Jesus never said “murder your neighbours if they are sinning.” He asks us to love our neighbours. Maybe we should go over there and show those people Jesus’ ways, not death and destruction. War doesn’t solve problems, it only creates generations of pain and suffering for both sides.

  2. Jerry Lingle says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    And I would add Democrat Politicians in the mix!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Em says:

    You have no clue what you’re talking about. I have never seen such ignoranus drivel in my whole entire life. Every single point shows a shallowness of thought and an unparalleled narrowness of mind that I never thought existed. If you’re going to take it upon yourself to publish something of this nature in a public forum, you’d be well advised to educate yourself and talk with a modicum of intelligence and logic. Instead, you chose to expose your ignorance and stupidity in a way that cannot possibly be undone.

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