I am a Christian and this is my testimony…

I grew up in a Christian family. My dad was saved during his early years in the military. My mom is Thai and was a buddhist when he met her. She was saved through a missionary in Thailand.

Our denomination was Southern Baptist. We were regular church attendees. Sunday school and service on Sunday mornings, discipleship training and service on Sunday nights, Wednesday classes in the evening, potlucks, choir practice – you get the idea.

Not to say that that was a bad thing. I wouldn’t change my upbringing. Learning about God is always a good thing. Being in a Christian home was a blessing. However, the routine was just very exhausting, it became a duty, and felt legalistic over time.

If I remember correctly, during Vacation Bible School, we heard of Heaven and hell, and of course I didn’t want to go to hell. I went forward or raised my hand, I’m not sure. I do remember my dad telling me, later, that the teacher had told him that I didn’t really understand what I was doing.

My encounter with the Holy Spirit was on a school bus. I was probably eight-ish. Nothing going on, just heading home after school. I felt a deep sorrow, a heavy weight, a burden on my heart. I wanted to cry but didn’t know why.

When I got home, I told my mom, thinking she would know what’s going on. I’m not sure exactly what she said or how she reacted. I do remember her witnessing to me and I was getting frustrated. No better way to explain it. I felt like a rebellious little girl who wasn’t going to listen to her mother; and that is what I did. My mom got frustrated as well. She didn’t understand why I wouldn’t want to know Jesus right then and there. I remember my dad getting home from work and calming my mom down, saying I probably wasn’t ready yet.

For those against Christianity because you think I’m ‘brainwashed’ or other nonsense, let this show you that even at eight years old, I wasn’t allowing anyone to force me into becoming a Christian.

It wasn’t until I was around nine that I chose to listen to God. My dad usually sent my mom to Thailand in the summer to visit her family. Sometimes we all went, sometimes just mom and I. That year it was just her and I. We stayed with her older sister who is a Christian. (She was so on fire for God that she would strike up conversations with strangers on a bus and witness to just about anyone who crossed her path!)

One day, neighborhood kids came by her house for story time. I learned she did this weekly. She would read them stories of Jesus. Of course, it was in Thai. When the story was done and the kids had left, I couldn’t help but ask my mom what the story was about, and maybe read it to me while translating it.

The story (summarized at the end) itself may not convict anyone to come to know Jesus, but if the Holy Spirit is at work in you, then it will have an impact… and it did. My heart felt that deep sorrow, heavy weight, and burden all over again. I just wanted to cry. I had an internal battle going on. I wanted to run to Jesus and ask for forgiveness, repent, curl up in His arms, and accept Him into my life to change me. But the other part of me was saying ‘aw man! You don’t want to let your mom think she got you saved! You’re giving into her! Don’t do it!’

Thank God I listened to, well, Him! I didn’t know what to say in ‘the prayer’. I had to, reluctantly, ask my mom for help. I didn’t want to pray in front of her. But I did, because I wanted Jesus. I didn’t like my mom telling everyone that I had just gotten saved. I was already frustrated. The spiritual warfare, now as a Christian, had just begun, seconds after I got saved.

I have had (and continue to have) my share of struggles, rebellion and doubt for years after that. But I always come back to that moment on the bus when the Holy Spirit got a hold of me for the first time; and when I finally chose to follow Jesus and He saved me in Thailand!

Soldier on!

P.S. From what I can remember of the story, in summary, it was about two siblings getting into mischief at their grandma’s house. The girl had done something really bad and the brother was saying that he was gonna tell their grandma and how much trouble she was gonna be in when he did. She was so scared of grandma coming back. She knew she did wrong. Before her brother could tell on her, she ran to her grandma and told her what she had done, crying, apologizing, and asking for forgiveness. The grandma hugged her, accepted her apology, and forgave her. But also told her that she already knew what happened, and that she’s so happy that the girl came to her first about it. One of the best parts for me was how the brother could no longer hold the action over her head, he couldn’t get her in trouble like he wanted to! She was forgiven and he couldn’t take that away!

  1. Steve says:

    Amazing how the Truth really does set you free! I praise God that I came to know him in a very real, very personal way. Blessings to you and yours.. and thank you for your mentions on twitter, and honoring our vets! Stand Vigilant for Freedom! P.S. On twitter, I’m 1FLPatriot…

  2. Matthew 10:32 “So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven,” Well done.

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