Top 10’s


I am:

~a Christian
~an American
~a Conservative
~Perfectionist (in recovery)
~an Animal lover
~Biracial (Thai)

My Inspirations:

~Psalm 139
~My man
~My kids
~Soldiers and Veterans
~Andrew Breitbart/James O’Keefe
~Abortion – inspires me to be staunchly Pro-Life

If I were away from home and could only pick ten movies/season tv shows, they would be:

~The Proposal
~Die Hard 2
~Mr. And Mrs. Smith
~The Book of Eli
~Black Sheep
~Transporter 2
~Out of Sight
~Any season of Friends
~Any season of Third Watch

I’m a “domestic engineer”, but at one time I wanted to be (and went to school for some):

~Computer Programmer
~English Teacher
~Child Psychologist
~Criminal Psychologist
~Respiratory Therapist – Neonatal Unit
~Graphic Designer
~Auto Body Repair and Design

If I had to leave my house in an emergency, my top ten material things I’d have to have are:

~FDNY jacket
~IPad and/or laptop (if I ever get a new one)
~Wall Chargers
~AWOL bag
~Change of clothes
~Bedding – pillow, “Cloud 9” blanket and a flat sheet

I’d rather be:

~swimming and beach bumming in Destin, FL
~walking the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC
~at a concert
~at the movies
~out to dinner with friends
~at a fall bonfire
~a night owl than an early riser
~shooting my gun

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