Why “NytFury”?


I chose the Twitter name NytFury after seeing the children’s movie ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.  In the movie, Toothless was a Night Fury dragon. Most dangerous of them all, rarely seen, very stealth. Reminds me of the stealth bomber. Toothless was named that because the human boy didn’t see any teeth in his mouth until time to be used. Toothless was slow to trust, but after one earned his trust, he was fiercely loyal.

I admire a stealth like quality. It’s very important in the Armed Forces, it’s humbling because your abilities are rarely seen, and it’s just all around cool! Who wouldn’t want the ability to be invisible when you want? I relate to Toothless in that I’m slow to fully trust but once I do, I’m fiercely loyal.

Now you know a little of my logic in choosing my Twitter name 🙂

Soldier on!

I say ‘Soldier on’ because we are ALWAYS at battle in the physical &  spiritual world. I want to encourage fellow soldiers, civilians & active duty alike, to press on. Never stop. When I say ‘Soldier down’ I’m declaring to my fellow soldiers that I’ve been hit, wounded, attacked or losing strength. When we have a soldier down, we send rescue. In this case, we need to pray first, and offer a helping hand to get the soldier back in the fight.

  1. Ron Lambertson says:

    The more I read your “STUFF”, then seeing you’re an Air Force Bratt (as am I), it became easy to see why I see so many similarities in the way we view “STUFF”. (love that word, it covers soooo much). So, Jai, I will be following, reading, and most importantly, I Will Be Commenting on what I read. Happy I came across your “STUFF”, and looking forward to creating a dialog, and solving (or screwing up) the problems of the world.
    Stay in touch, We old Vets love to see how our experiences are viewed by people who have supported us through thick and then. AND Thank You for that. It really does mean ALLOT.

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