Fury-ous Fridays for September 2013


What’s Going On Behind the Curtain, Obama? 

I don’t want to spend much more time giving attention to Syria, being that I believe it is just one big grand scale distraction. The question is: what is it a distraction from?

As we all know, there is zero transparency in this administration. Even the intel personnel is kept in a state of political fog. The classified intel reports are reportedly 12 pages long, and are unattainable to date. http://o.dailycaller.com/thedailycaller/#!/entry/verify-chemical-weapons-use-before-unleashing-the-dogs-of-war,521fb0c5da27f5d9d014252a/1

The four page unclassified report is all they have to go on, as do We the People. http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/USGassessmentonSyria08302013.pdf
Shouldn’t our intel personnel be given access to that classified material in order to make the most informative decision? Why doctor the report?

Withholding such information makes it impossible to gather all the facts, which is what I believe Obama is doing purposely. Was the chemical attack fabricated to look like the Syrian government gassed their own people? Here’s a claim supporting this: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/09/06/nun-in-syria-claims-she-has-evidence-proving-video-footage-of-chemical-attack-was-fabricated/

Did Obama and his carnies assist in the chemical attack? Some believe so: http://www.globalresearch.ca/did-the-white-house-help-plan-the-syrian-chemical-attack/5347542

And let’s add the cherry on top of this treason trifle… Politicians who vote “yes” for going into war are given more money than those who vote “no”: http://maplight.org/content/73331


So… we have a chemical attack, possibly set up or assisted by the Obama administration, to frame a group of people, in order for the U.S. to take military action, in which those politicians, whose votes are needed to approve such action, receive monetary bribes for their “yes” vote…

And now recent reports declare Syria is all of a sudden willing to turn over their chemical weapons… Why? Only a crazy person, an idealist, or a progressive would believe that stinking pile of B.S.

What could Obama possibly want to hide? Listing all the things could take a looong time! Currently, we have:

– Obamacare takes effect October 1st. The socialized healthcare that didn’t win the majority of hearts of We the People. The bill that had to be passed so that we could find out what’s in it. The plan with disguised death panels. The promise of reduced, to nearly free, healthcare for all, and keeping your current doctor if you so choose. Those who haven’t been socially engineered to believe this “hocus pocus” know that this is a death sentence to our health care system. And believe it or not, so does Obama & co.

– NSA spying scandal… The one where Obama went on late night television to assure the sheeple that the government isn’t spying on them. The steroid injected Patriot Act. The data mining to possibly be used for Obama’s dissidents’ list.

– IRS targeting conservatives…
– Benghazi coverup…
– Extortion 17…
– Fast and Furious…

These are some scandals that never end, and they go on and on, my friend…

We the People are being betrayed. It’s time for Americans to start seeing the distractions, and ask: what is Obama hiding? Syria is a distraction, and we need to find out what they’re hiding behind its thick curtain.

Soldier on!


Obama’s Modus Operandi: Executive Orders


Have you ever noticed that one of Obama’s modus operandi’s is to sign executive orders when we the people are distracted? How’s that for transparency?
As soon as he was in office, Obama signed NINE executive orders in January of 2009; the very first one being on the disclosure of presidential records: EO 13489: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2009-01-26/pdf/E9-1712.pdf
Between May and November of 2009, Obama signed at least ten EO’s. What’s the significance of that time period?
-The New Black Panther intimidation issue went to court in May;
-The arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. sparked controversy in July; and
-Fast and Furious broke into the news in September.
I remember being outraged during all of these incidents, yet I was unaware at the time about the EO’s being signed. How about you?
To see all the executive orders he’s signed in the following years, here’s a handy site with links: http://1461days.blogspot.com/2009/01/current-list-of-president-obamas.html#.Uh95n8u9KSN
Currently we are facing the Syria issue, and today, more EO’s were signed. One would think they would be related to actions Obama wanted to take with this looming war; but think again… The issue that just wont go away: gun control. Nope, he hasn’t forgotten about that “mission” of his. http://bigstory.ap.org/article/ap-exclusive-obama-offers-new-gun-control-steps
During the holidays, the media “buzz”, the current “phony” scandals, or whatever else might be taking our attention away from the carnie in the White House, remember, fellow patriots, to always be on guard, always be aware, and always be ready to fight for our liberties.

Soldier on!


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